Gears of War(hammer) in the Street (Fighter IV)

19 02 2009

Its been a while since I’ve updated. Haven’t really had much to blog about or time to do so.

The Public Test Server is up though and I did send in Dabiggun to at least scope it out and I liked some of the things I saw. First of all, the addition of the Open Parties/Warband button in the top cluster has made that much easier and much more obvious than it was. Secondly, the PQs have been differentiated into easy, normal and hard in the other tiers. A big improvement in this is that they all show up on the mini-map now, even if you haven’t explored the area they are located in. It is big help to know where they are if you want to rep grind a chapter. Additionally, mousing over the icon for a PQ on the map, shows you difficulty, recommended level range for it, and how many people are working it at the time. So you don’t run to one only to find out that there are so many people you won’t get crap for your work.

Lately, I’v been playing my Xbox more than WAR. Gears of War 2’s Horde mode has been a blast to play and my roommate and i have worked our way to level 45. In horde mode, they take out all the needless story line, and linear maps, and you play on a fairly small open map and have to survive incoming waves of locust. Each set of 10 waves gets progressively harder with tougher, larger, and more more accurate hordes coming at you.

That was until last night. My roommate came home from work with Street Fighter IV. And it is IV, not 4, because any SF junkie will tell you it is a drug. So that has taken up residence in our 360 for the forseeable future. I like the game but am not very good. The graphics are amazing, some where between a cross in cartoony classic goodness and crisp 3D renders, plus a sense of speed and epicness that the game is able to provide make the game enjoyable, even if you are on the wrong side of some pwnage.

Till next time…WAAAGH! on.




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